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I Won’t close my eyes



Certainty. Confidence. Expectation. Hope. Promise. Promise! Promise!!

At times, life has a way of bringing us down, making us lose hope and making us think that God’s promises will never come to pass; but when you receive a promise from God, you know that His promises have the power to become fuel in the tank of life, and help us to continue moving forward.

In this powerful teaching, Evangelist Robert Lugo shows us how a Promise from God will not only strengthen our faith, it will keep us alive! Through the story of one of the Bible’s least mentioned characters, (Simeon) our evangelist teaches us that no matter what comes our way, whatever difficulties, great or small, if we still have a promise, our eyes will not close, until we see it come to pass. Watch closely, and listen carefully, as you hear the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit whisper to your heart:

“Don’t close your eyes…”

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